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New Pools

Fiberglass Inground Pools

Fiberglass Pools are made from state-of-the-art composite technology of 100% unblended Vinyl Ester Resins which offers advantages over concrete and vinyl liner pools. Fiberglass pools have a smooth, non-abrasive finish; an inert composition that helps to inhibit algae formation, which lowers maintenance costs. Fiberglass pools never need resurfacing (repainting, replastering or remarciting) or liner replacement like vinyl-liner pools. Fiberglass pools are 17 times stronger than concrete pools and yet exhibit a superb flexible strength and enhanced flexibility: enabling its pools the pool to withstand expanding soil conditions and pressure as a result of changing temperatures. Fiberglass pools are produced as a one-piece seamless fiberglass unit designed and manufactured using the highest quality fiberglass cloth and most technically advanced resins under strictly supervised factory conditions.

Paradise Pools can install and deliver pools in Colorado and Northern New Mexico. E-Mail or call us today for a comprehensive price quote.

We are a proud supplier of Aloha Fiberglass Pools

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