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Keep the wood and mess outside!

Manufactured by Central Boiler – we carry wood burning furnaces as well as pellet/corn burning furnaces.

Wood units heat water and pump hot water to the heat exchanger located on top of the forced air furnace. When the heat in the water rises it turns the existing fan on and blows the warm air throughout the house, keeping the gas in the furnace from coming on and saving you money.

You can heat your home, garage, workshops or any other area you would like with one of these units. You can also install radiant in floor heat, baseboard heat, unit heater or combination of all.

All wood burning units have dual fuel available as an option, which allows the unit to be fitted with an additional burner to use as a backup. This allows the unit to burn natural gas, propane gas or fuel oil. This gives you more options without having to alternate the heating source.

Classic Models:

CL 4030 Dual Ready Available

CL 5036 Dual Ready Available

CL 6048 Dual Ready Available

CL 7260 Dual Ready Available

Pallet Burner- not a classic model- but designed for commercial application. This model burns pallets, conditioned wood, packing crates, etc.

Also available are E Classic units:

E 2400 is 92% efficient – 260,000 BTU maximum output

E 1400 is 84% efficient – 209,000 BTU maximum output

These units have extremely low emissions with three stage combustion technology. They utilize wood gasification to achieve this. Combustion efficiencies approach 100%. The self cleaning heat exchanger optimizes the transfer of heat from the extremely hot gases to the water, making the E-classic units one of the cleanest and most efficient ways to heat with wood.

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Last but not least, we carry Maxim pellet/corn outdoor furnaces. There are two sizes available: the 175,000 BTU and 250,000 BTU models. Both are 92% efficient. The 175,000 BTU unit holds 280 pounds of corn or pellets. The 250,000 BTU unit holds 440 pounds of corn or pellets. Hoppers are available for purchase to increase the amount of available fuel up to 45 bushels or 1720 pounds.

All of our outdoor furnaces will save you money on your heating costs. Visit their website at:

We also offer Magnum indoor pellet stoves and country flame wood burners. We have a wide range of sizes available. Visit their website listed below and then call us for pricing and additional information.

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